Let’s Talk about Dying, Death and Grief

A drop-in evening at the Windrush Room in the George Moore Centre on 3rd May 2023 – 7.00 till 9.00pm

We aim to get people talking openly about dying, death and grief – to reduce anxiety and isolation.

Living with an illness or a terminal diagnosis
How can I plan for my care or my funeral?
What happens when someone is dying?
What can I do to help someone who is dying?

Where can I get support, what practical help is available and where?
What happens when someone dies? Who do I call?

How do I register a death?
What is a Coroner and why are they involved?
What type of funeral do I want?

How do I tell my family?
Where can I access counseling or support?
Is it normal to feel the way that I am feeling?


I’m worried about money – what financial support is available?

Do I need a solicitor to settle an estate?
What is probate?
What is the inheritance law?
I need to make a Will.

Talking about death and dying can be tough. It can be an uncomfortable conversation that many of
us may want to avoid. It can be a time of great confusion and pain whether expected or unexpected
and a time where you will need to make decisions and face difficult choices. The saying goes that it
can take a village to raise a child but it can also take a village to look after someone who is dying and
to support their family. We aim to bring together a range of information and organisations that
provide physical, practical and emotional support and care – to open our arms to our community, friends and family.



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