Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

You are able to choose the funeral that you want and pay for the services included within your plan at today’s prices, thus saving your family any worry and expense and will help make things easier for your loved ones at a difficult time.

Planning For The Future

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It can be very reassuring to plan ahead for funeral costs. By considering a Golden Charter funeral plan you have taken the first step to help provide peace of mind for yourself and your family. Golden Charter is the UK’s largest plan provider to independent funeral directors like us, and is also the only plan provider that is recommended by the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

The price of a funeral, like everything else, keeps going up1. By securing your funeral director’s services at today’s prices you will be protecting yourself against rising costs. It offers the reassurance that no matter how much the funeral director’s fees included in your plan may rise in the future, you will not be asked for any further contribution towards these fees, to help save families from potential financial difficulty related to funeral expenses.

Payment can be made to suit your needs with flexible payment options – enabling you to choose how much you want to pay and over what period of time is comfortable and suited to your financial circumstances. The money goes into the Golden Charter Trust where it is held until needed – or is paid to a UK life assurance company and managed by them with a Fixed Monthly Payment option – and when the funeral plan is activated, by a simple phone call, payment is made directly to ourselves.

By securing a plan you are able to choose the type of funeral that suits your wishes, helping to relieve your family of any difficult decisions that will need to be made. Our plan holders tell us that it can be a considerable weight off their mind. Acceptance is guaranteed whatever your age or health.

We understand that choice is important so once you have made the decision to purchase a plan with us, a member of our team will arrange to meet with you either in our office or in the comfort of your own home. We will be happy to discuss any concerns or to address any questions you may have.

1Royal London National Funeral Cost Index 2019

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