Ashes – What Can I do with my Loved One’s Ashes

Whether you wish to create something memorable to keep or to arrange a ceremony to put your loved one to rest there are many options to consider…

Interring the Ashes
You may decide to bury your loved one’s ashes in a cemetery or natural burial ground or in a location that is special to you. We are able to provide support and advice with your choice of casket or urn.

Scattering the Ashes
Should you decide to scatter your loved one’s ashes you may wish to use a purposely designed scatter tube for the occasion, which can be personalised to your loved one.
Beaches, woodlands, gardens and favourite viewing spots are often popular and we would be happy to share the guidelines for specific locations with you.

Keeping the Ashes at Home
You may decide to keep your loved one’s ashes close, at home – perhaps on a mantelpiece, in a quiet corner of your home or in your garden. We are able to advise on decorative urns and caskets that would be suitable.

Small Keepsakes to Share Ashes amongst your Family
Some people, particularly if they are a part of a large family, may decide to divide their loved one’s ashes into smaller, beautifully designed keepsake containers.

Creating Jewellery to Treasure
To keep loved ones close you might want to consider transforming their ashes into a unique piece of beautiful coloured glass or even a certified diamond – that can be used as the centrepiece of jewellery such as a ring, earrings, necklace or cufflinks. We are able to advise and to arrange the ordering for you. We have samples for you to have a look at in our funeral home.

Memory Bears (with or without Ashes)
For adults and children alike we can arrange to create a Memory Bear from an item of your loved one’s clothing or favourite blanket perhaps. You might also decide to include a small container of ashes in the bear, so your loved one can be kept close and cherished at all times.

Bio-Memorial Tree
We can arrange to add your loved one’s ashes to fertiliser and soil in a biodegradable urn. You may even have a choice of tree seed. In this way, death becomes a transformation and return to life by means of nature.


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